Wander project (Mexico) its too cold in Maryland…

While there are many wonderful images of snow I could share I get cold when I only share snow.

I find that sometimes I wander well away from the pictures when I write my blog. The goal of the mix of pictures and text is a memory. The memories don’t always link between the picture and what I am writing. Sometimes life interjects a different stream of reality for me to consider. Right now I am struggling with a couple of things that I am not sure what to do with or about. One of them is that my children have now all graduated from high school.

That makes me feel old.

The other thing is the ever-expanding rhetoric of hate that seems to fill my newsfeed when I read it. I did for a long time spent he newsfeed right away every single day. That is no longer the case. Now I only read the news once a day, and I limit the amount of news I read. I do still maintain my grandfather’s tradition whenever I can, of watching the evening news. There is no Walter Cronkite, and I no longer watch CBS news. But I do watch the news as my grandfather did.

The common things that we share both generations, time and cultural changes are part of why I do my family history project. I am always aware of the changes that make up the world I am in. It is a part of what I want to leave for those here after me. The moments that this blog captures, shares and hopefully shines a small amount of light on. At least, the light that I can shine. I am not perfect; I just write a lot.


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Wander project Mexico…

Ice cream is my kryptonite. I cannot abide having it in the house as I will eat it. It is the one food I cannot walk away from. I have tried over the years. I cannot. As I look at these images of the past, I am tempted right now to consider what are the things that I truly can’t live without.

My family is one of those things; I write about them all the time. They are critically important to me.

I would say at times they are my source of inspiration, and my source of aggravation, sometimes simultaneously.

The wander project started to honor the effort my kids put forth in fifth grade. Picking a location in Indiana and writing a report about it. The family history project began after the passing of my father in 2014.

I try to mix and mingle the images I take those of the past and those of yesterday. It is a balancing act that I am still working on. I realized the other day that I had gone on a snow palooza of posts, putting up 30 pictures or more of snow every day for a few days. That is why I am instead posting images of sand, beaches and the sun for a few days.

Beyond just posting family and beach pictures, I also enjoy sharing the moments and stories that make each of the images special to me. Not all of them, in many posts not any of them, are ever good pictures. They just have value for me. That is the value I am trying to share with my family history project.

The wander project today is text lost in translation, images from Mexico!


lost in translation…

Wander project Annapolis MD…

One of the things that I learned from my father when taking pictures is quirky. My grandfather and my father always took pictures of historical markers. I would like to say now, all these years later that I don’t. I am going to say that, but frankly, it isn’t true. I do as well. I think it is something in the Andersen gene’s passed down to the generations. Thou shalt see historical markers, thou shalt takes pictures of historical markers. Then thou shalt make fun of those who dost not do the same things and ask them why does thou not takest pictures of historical markers?

Or it is just a weird quirk in my family. I think that is probably the answer. Anyway, wandering Annapolis. I’ve posted more than 40 images of snow in the past few days, and I am weary of snow. The snow on the ground in the DC area has melted. That makes the front yard of our house a muddy mess. Not by the by just our front yard that makes most of the green areas around our house and on our walk a muddy mess. Dylan doesn’t like getting his feet dirty.

Well, I shouldn’t say that. He likes getting dirty, but he doesn’t like it if humans clean his feet. His preference is that he cleans his feet not me. Worst of all is when my wife takes out the garden hose to clean dogs feet, that is always met with unhappy dog faces. Dylan and Raven both love snow, and they are both happy that the cold weather has returned. They would never miss a walk, but they don’t like walking when it is really hot.


sign photographer…

Wander project Germantown MD…

I have over the course of the last few weeks been showing snows of the past. Today (actually now three days ago) the snow pictures are of yesterday’s snow in the DC area. It was not, an impending snowmageddon, way too much snow to be dealt with. Rather a pleasant snow falling over the course of the day. Roughly two inches give or take. The process of the BloomSkySleeping half-moon lens covering with snow is amazing. The rest of the pictures today are of various things.

Some are from our cold but not freezing walk yesterday. Some are from the Xmas decorations that finally left their boxes and are now placed carefully around the house. We used to have a set of Hallmark kissing bears as well, that came out each year for Christmas. Those no longer come out of storage because someone isn’t able to not pose them. Self-control when it comes to kissing bears is a very late developing skill in some people.

I have to go clean off the weather station this morning, or we will end up with two days of well-melting snow on the lens. The prediction for today is 40 for a high, so the majority of the snow should melt and make for a mushy mess. The dogs were happy, however, to get to walk in the snow. They love being the first to walk on our walking trail in the fresh snow. Plus it wasn’t that cold. Today with the wind will be a little warmer, but the wind chill will be a little colder.

Wander project Greenwood IN

I know that I had at many different times looked out on our old backyard to the pond beyond. On that pond, there was always something. From fisherpeople seeking fish that other fisherpeople had left before to other wildlife. Beavers, Muskrat, Blue Heron, and of course the Geese. Where begins a story of something that I have wondered about for many years. First off, Canadian by birth, the snow geese come south for the winter.

My grandparents used to go south for the winter. They didn’t stop in Indiana and waited. The Geese are standing on the slowly forming ice of our pond. They went to Florida. What quirk, what genetic error makes Canadian Snow Geese think Indiana is warm in the winter. Standing on the growing ice do they not wonder the genetic lottery? A baby goose, its first summer complete in Canada, packing its emotional bags to fly south, asking why Indiana?

Should we not, mother and father, fly instead to the Caribbean? Where the warm water and warm sun never fall from the sky as snow? Why instead do we go to a place, south of where we live in the summer, but still cold? The imprinted logic of genetic decision making leaving the answer to that question a parental “because.” The younger Goose is asking again now gaining the parental “because that is what I told you.” It is a question that I have wondered for many years. Sadly, now you have to wonder about me!


wandering and wondering

Wander project Bloomington IN

I remember going to my father’s office in the late 1960’s, for the first time. We had moved to Bloomington Indiana in the mid-60’s, my father was a graduate student (Doctoral), and when he finished his degree, Indiana University hired him as a tenure-track professor. I remember going to his office in the old University School building on campus. Mostly at that time because dad would buy us a coke from the 10 cent fridge. The grad students and professors filled the fridge with pop, at a dime a piece.

The images shared today come from my father’s office in the new School of Education. The old school was as stated the old University School. The halls were lined with lockers although in most cases I doubt all of the combinations were known. The building was old and was the IU School of Ed for many years. Towards the end of my father’s teaching career, which would have been in the late 1990’s a new school of education was built.

This is my father’s lab in the new building. I loved going to dad’s lab. I am a huge fan of gathering information from scientific tools. I still have a lot of instruments in my house because of those many visits over the years. I have also backed some campaigns on Kickstarter focused on information. From laser measurement devices to Seismographs, I love scientific instruments. I need to get my telescope out and share pictures of the moon!


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Fear of Giants Bowling

Driven by the fear

of Giants bowling.

The crashing sound loud and penetrating

the world

and shattering the glass

that explodes


piercing the air

as screaming banshees explode

in the night


rapid breathing leads

to calming quiet

and the sharing

the sound of comfort conveyed

pushed into the air stopping the screeching banshees


Giants bowling

lots of gutter balls

the hand


The fear wrapped around me


a boa

a python

begins to fade

the air

flowing back

into empty spaces

and finding them


pushes them


listening often


to hear the gentle sound


but it is now gone.


from the Sandler Boggs Poetry Collection