College Athletes Leaving School Early

For or against?

Its a question I’ve often asked myself as I look at the concept of college athletes going professional prior to graduation.

From a "fan" perspective I think this is a horrifying trend.

From an educational perspective its just scary.

So I guess I am against this trend of "matriculation" to professional sports. For me its become a chicken and egg type problem. Which is worse? That college athelete’s don’t believe a college education has more value then playing professional sports? Or that pro sports have a free farm system that they can pluck from at will?

Its a very tough question.

One thought on “College Athletes Leaving School Early

  1. I do agree that education is very important for everyone, college athlete or not, however being an elite college athlete, and proving yourself on the field before your tenure is up is a clear acceptation.  I believe that if an athlete is part of a big time college program and dominates, then why not move on and make the big bucks.  Yeah what if they get hurt?  It goes both ways my friend, all it takes is one play their senior year before being carried off the field by the team trainers, as a result the athletes dreams are lost as well as the signing bonus that could have been in the bank last year.  You could also say what if they don’t succeed?  Once again this could swing either way.  If a player comes off a career year in his sport he will obviously become a high-profile athlete that professional organizations are willing to pay great deals of money to, but say that particular person decides to finish his education and the next year his team is terrible, this could hurt the players stats, and much more importantly kill his draft status.  If a player went from being a first round draft choice to a second, third, or fourth round choice then his signing bonus and potential yearly salary would go from millions to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  This decision these young men make is clearly a business decision; if a person is making no money doing something and then is offered millions to do that same thing what’s the better deal?  Duh! Take the money while it’s there, you can always go back to school, but you can never go back a year to get that 2 million dollar signing bonus.  The only thing that a player needs to do in the NFL is stay on a roster for three years, and then they receive full retirement, tell me that’s not a deal! The young men that are fortunate enough to have this option should be supported by their fans, coaches, and schools, because they have achieved something special that many people can only dream of.  The key to being successful is finding an opportunity, and the opportunity that awaits some of these athletes is immeasurable.  The notion that a college athlete should not be eligible for the draft until they complete their education is simply ridiculous. 

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