Digital Photography

My hobby in recent years has become taking digital pictures. I am not sure when that happened, but I find myself taking pictures at virtually every event I attend now.
I’ve improved (at least I think I have) over the course of taking all the pictures I take. But I find lately I’ve been missing the "paper" feel of photographs of old.
Digital pictures are nice, make good slide shows and all but the fun in a photo graph is in sharing it with someone else.
You can’t do that as easily on a computer (unless the person stands directly behind you peering over your shoulder onto your monitor).

One thought on “Digital Photography

  1. In this sort of situation, Costco is wonderful.  You can take a CD (or practically any other digital media) and select which photos you want to get them to print ($0.17 for 4×6).
    For Mother\’s Day last year, I made a DVD of about 4GB worth of photos and videos for the Moms.  For my Grandmother\’s 80th, I burned a CD of ~170 photos I thought she\’d be interested in and got them printed out at Costco for ~$30 and put them in a photo album for her.

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