Christmas buying season

I’ve decided this year that I won’t be starting my Christmas holidays late. I am starting them today, August 25th, 2005. My rationale for this extension of the holiday season is simply that the spirit and intent of Christmas have been forgotten now.
My daughter once asked me if I believed in Santa Claus and I told her I did. Its that smile you make around the holidays that you don’t make the rest of the year. Its that peice of you that you only share once a year.
Its that little bit of kindness you extend at the stoplight (that you don’t the rest of the year).
The problem is that as in above, Christmas is now a holiday of expense, not a celebration of the life eternal. Its a buying season (the biggest of the year) not the celebration of what could be.
and so, i am starting Christmas early this year. Maybe if we cram two extra months into the pre-season we will have time to smile and celebrate during the actual season.

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