How long?

I don’t often think about the frustrations of modern life. I tend to be more on the pro-technology side of the universe then on the anti- side. But there are times when I find myself frustrated and vexed by technology. I know I am not alone – I see people with their faces horribly scrunched into the "I hate my cellular" phone face all the time at airports.
And I wonder about the impact that has on me as well as other people.
The other day I couldn’t get a cell signal while I was in a building. Instead of "relaxing" I spent the time wondering if I was getting calls.
I wonder about that impact. Since when do we have to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Why is it that when the phone rings we have to answer it?
Certainly, and more than once having cellular service has helped me. But I wonder about this need to answer the phone, to be always available.
To be, always on. I once heard an interview with a comic (I Don’t remember which one) where he said "the hardest thing is that people think your always on, always funny. I need downtime, time to recharge and think about what’s next."
Maybe I should head back to the building with no cellular service and take some down time, some time to recharge.