I don’t know which way to go

I travel a lot, or at least I did in my previous job. From Southeast Asia, to much of the US and Europe I have traveled around the world many times.
One year I flew nearly 150,000 miles. Amazing number when you think about it.
I’ve been to many places that I found to be wonderful places to vist. Munich Germany, Holland, Denmark, Thailand, Malaysia are all places that I would (and have) gone back to again and again.
But as I get older I wonder more about travel. I recently traveled to OZ for a business trip. I found myself staring out the plane window on the way there, thinking about Captain Cook. I traveled, in 14 hours, about as far as he and his crew did (although it took them closer to three years).
Do we remember to marvel at this wonderful world around us?
I am reminded of the quote from Alice in Wonderland. Alice comes across the Cheshire cat in the tree:
"where shall I go from here?" she asks.
"where do you want to go?" the cat asks
"I don’t know" says Alice
"Then it doesn’t matter which way you go." the cat replies
And that is how I feel about travel sometimes. I love the adventure, the joy and wonder of visiting new places but frankly I miss my family.
Like Alice, I really don’t know which way I want to go.

Change and time to change

When I was little I remember thinking that change was, well to slow. That the things I was waiting for never seemed to come quickly enough. Christmas was six months away (a lifetime). My birthday was right next to christmas.
And summer was a month away.
Everythnig seemed to me to be a million miles away from where I was. Then suddenly I became an adult. Days blurred into weeks and months. Why just last week it was the begining summer and now suddenly its early October.
Change is now something I fear at times. Birthdays come with large numbers and I can remember things that most people I work with weren’t alive for.
Time is now the enemy. Change is the agent that brings time to me.
What once seemed like an eternity now seems like an hour.
and change still comes…