On being alone…

Silence. It seems funny but the moments your alone can be the bigger piece of who you are then the moments when you are a star up on the stage.
When we as humans (very social creatures) are alone, we have time to reflect upon that which has passed before us.
The riots in Paris these past two weeks have given me much for thought. A group of people, (like the Watts riots in the US a few years ago) so alienated from society that they have to resort to violence to make their point heard seems scary.
We live in a world where violence and terror have a louder voice then the right thing to do does. And that is what I think about when I am alone. Is the world a better place now then it was 10 years ago? Have we moved the bar forward as Dr. King, Ghandi, Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela asked us to? Have we lived up to the infinite promise of humanity?
Or have we descended into a world where might is right?
Which brings me back to the point of earlier, being alone. When i was young, and had times to be alone, the world made sense to me. Now, perhaps my vision clouded by reality, the world no longer makes sense when I am alone.

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