Tinny laughter from the speaker phone

Drifting in and out
at the edge of my hearing
a tinny voice laughs
at what I don’t know
I just hear the laughter echoing in the room
a tinny sound that
seems some how bigger then it is
but my ears only hear the laughter
not the joke
so it seems to me
out of place
laughter without a body or a smile
disembodied and tinny
launching into the room from
a tinny speaker phone
to echo
and the call is done
but the laughter
echos thrown against the plaster walls
echos for days
What does it mean?

Lifeforce eye in the sky

Turning around
you see the lights
red lights
tiny cameras mounted
on the ends of pencils
watching you
watching me
listening for the sound of raindrops
and sometimes lemon drops
or the sounds of state quarters
rattling in the pockets of people rushing home
to push them into a map of the US
a map of quarters
filmed by tiny pencil head cameras
and shared with men
in dark rooms where comments are shared
endless thoughts around the meaning of lemon drops
and the lost innocense.