uber Geek

The other day my son called me the "family geek." I laughed as parents do when children say interesting things. But later that day I started thinking about the concept of a geek/nerd/computer wizard or what-ever your nom du choice would be.
What is a geek/nerd? Is it someone who sits on the front of the adoption curve and is the first person to have the neweest technologiy toys (working) in their house?
I’ve come to think that a geek/nerd is simply a new form of the hunter. In days past there was a requirement for throwing spears, stones etc in order for the group to eat. Today the requirement is around balencing the technical requirements of various devices and getting them to work together.
An uber geek then is a geek that goes beyond simply dabbling in the newest and coolest technologies. An uber geek, or uber hunter, seeks the new craze rather then being the first on their block they may in fact be the first person ever to install or build something.
The first blackberry, the first protable cellular phone those are the haunts of the uber geek, the person that has the firs tone.
So what is first now? A convergence device that lets you do email and cellular calls at the same time it is a modem for your pc?
Or is it a media device that shares the media services in your house with your Pocket PC or PC whereever you are?
Or is it a single device that does all the mundane tasks that people so hate to do?
Look around – the person pointing at the screen and laughing while reading htis is the uber geek – they konw what is next and its not on this list!

One thought on “uber Geek

  1. I like the hunter analogy.  I don\’t completely agree with the uber geek definition.  Or, in any case, I think it\’s bigger than just that…  Or maybe this is just an alternate definition for the geeker/gatherer.
    I think an important aspect in the definition of geek is that they are constantly on the lookout for a new/different/better way to solve a problem, even if the problem is already solved for all intents and purposes.  For instance, a non-geek would say, "I already have a TV to watch movies on.  What do I need with another one?" whereas a geek would say, "Sure I can *watch* movies, even in HD, but wouldn\’t an LCD panel be so much cooler than a rear-projection Jumbotron?"
    Of course the above also touches on the uber-geek aspect, which is the driving need to solve problems you were previously unaware that you had until the technology became available to fix them 🙂

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