From here to there

I have twin sons, identical (which by the way people always ask). They are actually mirror twins (one is right handed the other is left handed).
People ask me, frequently are they identical, but they also ask me, Twins, how do you manage? First of all you manage, its part of paenting. But there are subtle differences in raising two children at the same time. My step-daughter, and my daughter are older then the boys. They are unique people who we love and cherish, but singles are different then multiples.
The boys are unique – first becuase they often process information in the same way, and yet often come up with entirely different results. That intrigues me – in that they have the same genetic makeup (only their fingerprints are different) and yet they can take information and create two answers.
They were born either years ago, ten minutes apart. That is the longest they have been separated since (or so it seems sometimes0. I suspect all children are like this, but you notice it more in twins. Perhaps its becuase there is a wider field of view with multiples (ie more kids to see). But to me it seems like the play with each other more thne with other kids at times.
They are also unique in that they have each adopted pieces of my wife’s and my personality. Its internesting to see the "me" or the "her" in them come out at times. They tend to align with one parent for a time period (one being more like me for a time, the other like my wife for a time).
All in all having twins is quite a ride.

One thought on “From here to there

  1. Re:  People always ask…  I have a friend who has 3yo twins, one of whom has blonde hair and blue eyes and one of whom has brown hair and brown eyes.  I\’ve been out with the three of them a lot, and people always ask, "Are they identical?"
    My dad and his brother are "Identical fraternal" twins, which means that the egg split and got fertilized by 2 different sperm.  All through college, people couldn\’t tell them apart, which is strange because they always look so different to me.  Even in pics from college.  What\’s strange is that even when they haven\’t talked to each other for a while, I\’ll end up getting the same thing from both of them for, say, graduation.  Eerie.
    I used to think that their personalities were totally different.  I thought Dad was the judgemental one and Dennis was the idealist.  I think that was true in their 30s, to a certain extent, but as they close in on their 60s, I see elements of the judgementalism in Dennis and elements of the idealism in Dad.  There\’s a convergence.  What\’s strange is that the convergence seems to have been occasioned by them losing contact with each other (due to Dad\’s GF).  It\’s like when they were together all the time they reacted against each other and polarized on Judgemental/Idealist, but now that they\’re out of touch they\’re both reverting back to the core personality.  Or something.
    Twins are interesting.

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