See Europe and remember America

In my job I frequently get to see many of the places of the old world. I recently returned from a trip to Istanbul, Prague and Brussels (3 places I had never been), in a tour of the old world. One of the first things you notice as an american in Europe is that roads, which here are wide enough for a Hummer, are not there. In many cases they were added to cities as an afterthought rather then the focus on the city.
Buildings in Europe are stately – older then in the US – but more elegant then the buildings we have. They have massive stone fronts in europe in delightful carvings and statues. We have class with large statues in the front of the building – I like the stone better.
The other thing I like about Europe is the concept of the city center or square. Paris, Brussels and Prague all have this concept of a "city center" as a gathering place for people. I think there are many US cities that could benefit from this concept of the city as a neighborhood rather than as a place of commerce.
Finally coffee. Coffee in europe is a tradition, a concept and an experience. I wish more american restaurants would get the concept of coffee in Europe.

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