The last light house on the way home

The light swings in circles
warning of rocks or a reef ahead
calling to ships in the night to heed the warning, to prepare for disaster.
On the way from
where I was to home
there was always one last lighthouse
a cricle of light
warning of reefs or rocks
some danger that I should heed
and yet
blithly I walked on
Never hearing the warning
from the last lighthouse
and standing here
the rain pouring around me
watching the last lighthouse spin around
I wonder if I could have understood the warning
had I but paid attention.
There is a lighthouse, the last lighthouse
on my way home
It warns of rocks or reefs
a danger I should heed.
If only I had listened
If only I had heard
Lost in the pouring rain
pondering the warning
pondering the word
of the last lighthosue on my way home.

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