Finding meaning in my closet

socks I haven’t worn in five years
shoes that no longer seem in style
a notebook
frayed at the edges and
pages torn
loose leaf peices hanging off the edges.
What was this treasure
this lost collection i had found?
each page stained with age
words written long ago
finding a way back to me
back to now.
Meaning lost in yellowed pages
taking me back to a time
more angry?
more loud?
more willing to risk?
not aware?
words that flow like water
but taste like beer
left out of the keg a month
and then poured
into a dirty glass
of long ago
still relavent?
lost visions
lost thoughts
lost dreams
yesterday merging with today
and leaving leaves of quiet
reflective thoughts
near a tree
in my closet
near a notebook
and shoes no longer in style.

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