With what we say

The light peers round the corner
asking if it may illuminate the way
but what it shows is only the emptyness
left when the unwarpped gifts wander off
leaving only ribbons and quiet paper
not the loud paper from before
and the words now
echo painfully
empty shells that bounce off walls
until they are lost in their tiny compromise
with Mr Newton’s laws
a compromise they fight
with diminishing returns
until there is little left
but the memory of what they said.
And we are saddened, moving
like autonomons around the room
hoping the next ribbon
will hold some warmth
but they never do.
in an unnatural quiet
are left
with what we say.

Turtles and flying fish

And the laughter seemed
somehow the turtle changed the flow
the conversation drifting from the flying fish
to left over bbq still in the fridge from
last sunday’s party
the stuttering of the turtle
at times frustrating
left time to think of replies
you didn’t feel the need
didn’t feel like making fun of the turtle
I suspect
the flying fish, fried as it were
by comments and vague threats
felt this was unfair
perhaps that the turtle was
seeking harmony rather
than dealing with the issue
the clearing of space
of water
of time
to fly away.
And the conversation lagged
the BBQ now done
with only feathers remaining
from the flying fish
the turtle, belching
as he walked by.

Not another garden party

The rumble seems more
seems louder
the rumble seems closer
the sound rolling around
inside my ears
and quieting the hammering of the noisy neighbors
as they laugh
drinking beer
and spitting tobacco
over the hedge
towards the pool
that once blue
now brown
seems listless
and still the rumble draws near
as if commading its presence seeking the attention
like missle
straight into the darkness
and punching through
bringing light
where does it end?
where can it end?
and the rumble draws nearer
drowning out the sounds
of forced swallows
tobacco now staining
inside each one
not just the pool
as the rumble
blows past
shaking the trees
the ground
the air.
The rumble never stops.

Windy November

Like many other years, the transition months in Indiana are windy (normally April when it begins to warm quickly and November when it cools quickly).
Needless to say in April it is refreshing to feel the warm breeze. In November it just reminds you of how freaking cold it is during the winter months.
Funny, we rush indoors in the summer because it is too hot. We rush inside in the winter because too cold.
Evolution – where once there was blue sky now there is a roof.