in the quiet

Lights flicker as the
power fades in
and out
and the fire flickers
listening to the sound of quiet
and the bent ears of
small mice
looking out from their holes
and wondering
if the cheese on the table
would fall
tumbling to the ground
to feed their hungry children
lacking cheese consume
and wall board
until bloated
and full
they cease and sleep.
The last sound
the last noise
the last flickering lights
fading away.
To leave a silence filled with nothing.

The holy grail of gadgets

Recently, as I am sure many of you have, I have been deluged with comments, emails and ideas around the newest holy grail of gadgets, the APPLE IPhone. I used to be a Mac guy, 10 years ago. I even had the apple camera and the newton. Since then I’ve moved on to other solutions and ideas.
For the most part now I am a gadget hound. I love gadgets that save me time (even if they absorb time in learning them). I love devices that will make my life easier, while reducing the number of things I have to carry with me.
And three years ago I probably would have jumped all over this newest cool gadget.
But times have changed, I no longer seek the holy grail.
I am now looking for devices that will make it easier for me, fit in my rolling bag and are simple.
Simple has become my new gadget mantra. I don’t want the swiss army knife, bells and whistles holy grail device anymore. I want a device that is easy to carry. A device that doesn’t look stupid held to my ear (and don’t think those iphones won’t make you look like the last geek who escaped high school – the will.).
I want simple.
1. have an Igo power adapter (the Igo may in fact be the holy grail of simple gadgets)
2. Have a STANDARD power plug so that I don’t have to carry as many igo tips.
3. interact with my other devices (bluetooth is fine here)
4. good battery life – but you know what – I’ve been charging my devices every night for years, so it just needs to last longer then a standard business day.
The list is now simple and so now, someone please go build that device!

Twillight and the creeping mouse

In the hours before the hard cold night
at the edge of what we see
in the shadows of the twillight
a tiny mouse runs away from all
fliting from shadow to shadow lest he be seen
quiet as if pursued
he dashes only when he sees no movement
always afraid of the light
and the shadow he dances between them
never sure to which he belongs.
Who seeks the mouse
the shadow warrior that does not fight.
Only the night
and the neighbors cat
who pounces
leaving only a memory
of the shape shifter
moving from shadow to shadow.
And night falls.

if only and again

twinkling lights
and snowflakes falling
as if
each day a new day
a fresh day
glistening white with
new snow fall
covering the old
cuts and
last of the fallen apples
and quiet.
Is the quiet surronding the snow?
or is the snow the quiet?
hard to see
hard to tell
my ears cupped against the cold
seeking an answer
but seeing
only the twinking lights.