The holy grail of gadgets

Recently, as I am sure many of you have, I have been deluged with comments, emails and ideas around the newest holy grail of gadgets, the APPLE IPhone. I used to be a Mac guy, 10 years ago. I even had the apple camera and the newton. Since then I’ve moved on to other solutions and ideas.
For the most part now I am a gadget hound. I love gadgets that save me time (even if they absorb time in learning them). I love devices that will make my life easier, while reducing the number of things I have to carry with me.
And three years ago I probably would have jumped all over this newest cool gadget.
But times have changed, I no longer seek the holy grail.
I am now looking for devices that will make it easier for me, fit in my rolling bag and are simple.
Simple has become my new gadget mantra. I don’t want the swiss army knife, bells and whistles holy grail device anymore. I want a device that is easy to carry. A device that doesn’t look stupid held to my ear (and don’t think those iphones won’t make you look like the last geek who escaped high school – the will.).
I want simple.
1. have an Igo power adapter (the Igo may in fact be the holy grail of simple gadgets)
2. Have a STANDARD power plug so that I don’t have to carry as many igo tips.
3. interact with my other devices (bluetooth is fine here)
4. good battery life – but you know what – I’ve been charging my devices every night for years, so it just needs to last longer then a standard business day.
The list is now simple and so now, someone please go build that device!

2 thoughts on “The holy grail of gadgets

  1. I used to think that my smartphone (with a 1GB miniSD card) was that holy grail until I started having to skulk around to listen to my tunes in the gym.  Stupid perverts with their stupid camera phones ruining my grail.

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