So simple

I’ve been in a software archtiect role now for nearing 7 years. Before that I was a messaging specialist (someone who focused on the always critical email systems for large corporations).
One of the first mentors I had used to always tell me when it came to building a solution for a customer, the KISS principle was always the best to follow (Keep it simple, stupid!). Over the years I have thought about that concept a lot. What is simple?
A former boss used to say "simple or elegant" you can’t have both.
It’s confusing to me, this separation. People want simple, but simple is seldom elegant. Simple is get things done.
But is it? Is simplicity simply getting things done?
Or is complexity not elegance?
I’ve thought about that issue for a long time. thoughts?

If I were a lighthouse

Would you have something to say?
As a lighthouse
alone in the darkness
lighting the rocks that
bring peril to those
who seeking egress
wander, drifting closer
would you have something to say?
Cupping your ears against the darkness
your hands placed as if a bullhorn
magnifying what you had to say
the light spinnning
the moment passing
and then
If were a lighthouse
and nothing to say
would I be?

Valentines my love

At times
I feel lost
like a small child
locked in a room
too small to reach
the door knob
I struggle
seeking egress
seeking freedom
but it is never there
just out of my reach
a crack of light
a small sliver of something
beyond the door
that I cannot reach.
and so I stumble in the darkness
seeking my way
my path
in the quiet closet that
holds my fears
and little else
the door
opens a crack
what is love you ask?
knowing what is behind my closet door
and opening