If I were a lighthouse

Would you have something to say?
As a lighthouse
alone in the darkness
lighting the rocks that
bring peril to those
who seeking egress
wander, drifting closer
would you have something to say?
Cupping your ears against the darkness
your hands placed as if a bullhorn
magnifying what you had to say
the light spinnning
the moment passing
and then
If were a lighthouse
and nothing to say
would I be?

3 thoughts on “If I were a lighthouse

  1. A friend of mine was blogging about the horrors of shopping for those little Hallmark Christmas Village thingies.  She mentioned that one of the villages was "Village of the Lighthouses."  We were speculating on the developmental pressures that would prompt someone to build a city made entirely of lighthouses.  Also the difficulty of having a dinner party in a village where every house is built on a rocky prominence that is navigationally treacherous enough to warrant a lighthouse.
    I was also thinking that nights would be difficult, with gentle strains of OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-GAHHHHHHHH wafting through the night.  Maybe people with lighthouses on the wrong side of the tracks would pimp their lighthouses with Dukes of Hazzard horns…

  2. which of course would result in a new MTV show, Pimp my lighthouse!
    Lighthouses represent the three sides of humanity –
    Our desire to be alone (hence the lighthouse is a soliltary event)
    Our desire to be seen (hence the light)
    Our desire to help others (hence the light warning you of impending danger)
    Our course, this reality coupled with the Dylan Thomas line (Rage, Rage against the passing of the light) would in fact almost have to result in a world of lighthouses.
    Mine of course would be the coolest 🙂

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