More thoughts around architecture

There is an interesting moment when a software architect crosses the known line of traditional architecture and heads into the unkown space that is almost an art.
That moment when a solution exceeds the capacity of the compents and becomes something new. A simple shared text editor becomes a blog. Two servers talking together exchanging infomation becomes email. Two servers talking to each other, and needing a way to address informaiton becomes the web.
That tipping point is very interesting to me. when a solution someone envisions stops merely "replacing" the functionality they intended to replace and begins to "become more." That concept that you are doing the same things over and over and yet somehow this one time its different (I am still trying to figure out why the first person roasted a marshmellow – what would tip you over that point?).
This concepts keeps me awake at night sometimes. Wondering if by living in a strict framework/process world I am limiting my solution to the capabilities listed, rather than the potential capabilities.
What is that tipping point? What makes a solution expand?
(and why marshmellow roasted, its not like they are gross raw).

One thought on “More thoughts around architecture

  1. I think this about bread, sometimes.  I mean, what prompted the first person to take grass seeds, grind them up, add embryonic birds, drop in some protists, and bake?
    I was just telling Ed that one of the reasons that I like Deployment as an area is that you have to understand the whole system and how the pieces fit together in order to get it right.  Sometimes it bothers me that this means that I\’m not a deep expert in any one area, but I think that one of my strengths is that the more information I have, the more I can make… unpredictable connections between pieces of information.  I think when you\’re focused on one area, you lose sight of the forest, as it were.
    I think it\’s those connections, though, that allow technology to transcend its boundaries.  It\’s taking information and seeing its implications for seemingly unrelated information and making that connection.  It\’s what we need Architects like you for.  You have the breadth of knowledge and experience to allow those creative sparks to happen, if you\’re open to them.

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