And what is it, we create

Over the years, my mother (as mother’s are wont to do) asks me what it is that I do for a living.
"Well mom" I find myself saying "I help companies consider the options they have around technology." Which usually is enough and ends the conversation (which is not my only goal – but certainly makes it easier for me to move on).
But is that true?
Is my job as an architect really that simple? To a degree I think it is. You can break the concepts and principals I follow down to the simplist level, I help customer’s realize their options.
Not that this is the driving force of my job. Rather, it is simple description of what I do. Much as what a doctor does when he or she preforms brain surgery (and I have no idea what is entailed in that) my job is a "awareness building of technology."
Like a lighthouse (which I have a great fondness for) I am a guide. More like a flashlight (in reality) but still a light in the darkness. I take confusing visions and help customer’s achieve them, while still steering them in the "ultimate" right direction.
The thing that I wonder about now, is the generation gap that is coming. My mother struggles to figure out what it is that I do. She loves me, and is willing to try becuase I am her child. But my computer skills started when I was 13 years old. My children, the next generation have been using computers since they were babies.
What will my children do? And will I understand that?

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