sick of colds

So who is going to create the cure for the common cold? Since January my children have decided to share two separate colds with me. While I am glad that their mother’s constant (you need to share) talks are sinking in, I wish they would keep these germs to themselves.
I am so tired of colds its scary.
If you figure over the course of a lifetime that you average one or two colds a year, but the end of the average or expected lifespace that represents 160 colds.
Colds take me offline for 8-10 days. That means you’ve lost 160 days or 1/2 a year feeling bad just from colds in your lifetime. Surely there is a cure for these things out there.
Do we need to double our efforts?
Do we need a national ballot at our next major election?
What ever it is, we need to make it happen again.
TTFN – I have to go sneeze.

2 thoughts on “sick of colds

  1. Wait, if you catch 160 colds in a lifetime and you spend 8-10 days offline for each one, wouldn\’t you spend 1280-1600 days of your life feeling crappy from colds, or 3.5 – 4.4 years?
    We probably spend more on toilet seat covers than we do on cold research, though.

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