Cal Ripken

I recently read an article about Cal Ripken Jr. I was always a fan of Mr. Ripken when he was playing. His honesty, dedication and sheer love of the game was always a joy to watch and enjoy.
I followed his streak for years, in the early days when he not only never missed a game, he even seldom missed an inning. Then later on when he got close to the Iron Man record I followed even closer.
I am not a Baltimore fan, never will be. But I was a Cal Ripken Jr. fan.
Since baseball Mr. Ripken has become like the rest of us, going to our regular jobs and doing the same thing everyday. I have to say that I think I admire him more now then I did as a player. His candor, honesty and love of baseball is something that I think we should applaud. He enters the hall of fame this year, but I think  we need to do something more.
Cal Ripken represents the part of baseball that I loved as a child. I was never a good baseball player. But I love the honesty (and Bull Durham fans – the Geometry) of the game. Baseball is a game of straight lines not curves and Mr. Ripken you represent one of the straightest lines baseball ever had.
I guess my call to action would be to make sure Mr. Ripken knows that his love of baseball, his honesty and dedication and honor will win him entrance to more than the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Thanks Mr. Ripken. You gave me many summers of enjoyment!

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