What are you reading?

Lately I seem to be behind the curve when it comes to reading the latest and greatest archiectural theory. Recently I completed a project where I took a blue ocean view built for a customer and tried to build out a technology solution. It wasn’t something that I found a lot of supporting materials for (I suspect there will be eventually). But it got me thinking about hte concept of red oceans and blue oceans.
Recently I had an opportunity to read the book (during a long airline layover). The following are a loose confederation of my thoughts around the book "Blue Ocean Strategy."
  1. I like the overall concept of creating a difference for your company. We’ve called this a lot of things over the years (competitive advantage was always my favorite – although that does kind of violate the tenant of a blue ocean).
  2. The book is an easy read (which is not always the case with Architecture guidance books)
  3. I’ve been thinking about how this applies to the consulting organization I work for. How do you as a consulting group create a blue ocean opportunity? To me that would seem to be the best of both worlds, you could charge more per hour and your customer’s would want to pay that rate (and would secretly even be willing to pay more).

All in all I highly recommend the book. Its a good read and of course, its always useful when you look at things from a new direction.


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