and it seems pretty funny

Recently I was talking to an old friend that I hadn’t seen a in while. It always seems funny to me that you have certain friends that no matter how often (or how long between) you see them, you pick up where you left off the last time.
Why is that?
Why is it that certain people just seem to click – and that in clicking its as if you are of one mind? Friends who wander in and out of your life, but when they are in, they are in. When they are out it isn’t like others who are far away or no longer invovled.
Why is that?

Peacocks in a windowless room

It makes you crazy

No windows

No light

No queit rustling.

The peacocks strut and display

Their feathers each matted,

Covered in mud like the feathers of the rest of the crows in the room,

But they are peacocks.

The are the pretty birds who

Flying to the light.

Each time

Carrying a single stick

To build a massive nest

That chages and

Moving with the wind

Cannot stop the pieces

From breaking off the nest and falling to the ground

Collected by the squirrels who gather there, waiting.

Wiating, like the crows for the peacock to fall

To stop.

But the peacock cannot hear.

Cannot listen


One stick at a time

Even though each stick


A collection of difference

A collection of jumbled thoughts.

And the peacock struts.

Always the voice of reaon

Its sticks, each brilliant

Shining into the night.

In the windowless room.

How far out I could have gone.

It seems to me that the world is different if you think about everything at Low Tide. You can walk from the beach far out into a world that is covered by water the rest of the time. You can see the rock you stepped on the day before, now clearly in front of you in the sand. That squishy thing that made you pull your foot out of the water is there as well, and it’s as dead now as when you stepped on it yesterday. Low Tide is the withdrawal, the ceasing of the hostility between land and water. It is the time when those of us who dwell between can explore territories we mostly don’t see.
I’ve always thought of myself as a low tide person. I love the concept of the world pulling back and letting me view things, before the world pushes forward and covers everything, again.
It’s as if I cannot engage with a world that is always present. I need time to disengage and consider, to ponder and wonder what is next. The world of Low Tide provides me this moment, this respite from that which is around me.
I "grok" the world of low tide.