why we certify architects

The True Story of why we certify Architects

One upon a time there were great dragons to be slayed (or spayed). These dragons, dark and brooding creatures were called Architects. They spurned and rejected the great certifications of the gentle corporations as they offered them, saying “these don’t meet my needs.” Along came a great knight, Sir Andy of Ruth (heir to the massive Baby Ruth fortune so not needing to work or struggle with dragons, but doing so for his love of Architects) who sought to bring clarity (and certification) and to help those dragons become Certified Architects (and therefore to become nicer).

Sir Andy set out to create a process (called, a board, not to be confused with being bored) so that all who sought to break the yoke of blackness (i.e. architects who were tired of hugging their children and burning them with their fiery breaths) could band together and seek this “certification.”

With the help of the Lady Kris, Sir Andy and a few less fiery dragons the process became a quest, or possibly a magic potion. Soon the word had spread from far and wide (and near and far as well) that this new program “MCA” could certify those brooding dark creatures known as Architects, and make them social members of a large and ever growing community.

And thus, the true story be told.