The last blinking light

They file past
each with lights
chattering as only lights can
eyes straight ahead
lost in conversation
as a the disembodied voice urges speed
the proper use of the space beneath your feet
your primary storage area
but the blinking lights do not care
each seeking a 3 by 3 space in the overhead
with a world that
upon the last annoucement
is lost for a time.
The blinking lights aim like missles
flying through the emptyness until they are home.
a technological morse code
pulses of light bound ever towards the stars
to be read a million years from now
their message debated in the high counsil of the
high counsil
what does it mean?
"Your primary storage space is under the seat in front of you."
"prepare doors for cross check"
"cross check complete"
and the disembodied voice, asking for time
asking for the ceasing of funtion
"Ladies and gentlemen, the main cabin door is now closing"
and the blinking lights cease.
Their message, no longer outbound.
Will the high counsil see it as an end,
or a respite
a stoppage between transmissions
the last light goes off.
they are no more.

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