To sing a song

staring straight seemingly
without looking to the right or left
a choir of
mechanical singers,
each wrapped in a cocoon
singing to words and music only
they hear
only they know
and the separation
the gulf
is clear
Are we social?
Do our Zune’s connect?
Do we share?
Or locked in our iron cages do we sit
waiting for a sign
or a song perhaps
that we can share.
The american idol of the road
constant judge
locking us in sound proofed rooms
no sharing
the sound of our own voice.
Are we social?

2 thoughts on “To sing a song

  1. I actually wrote a poem similar to this about connecting, though i never thought about the Zune connection… and now there’s even more things that have to do with connection; Twitter, Facebook, Bluetooth, etc. It’s crazy. 🙂

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