Laughter and the season, the lights

They shine,
like searchlights – seeking some nook
or cranny
in your soul
looking right through you
as though you are not there.
As through you were never there.
It is the waiting
the pause in time
when you move
neither forward
nor backward
a pause.
spent seeking equilibrium
spent rocking
from side to side
for the lights will come again
see right through you
see past you to the other side
what was lost.
what the lights cannot find.
and we whisper
while waiting
our eyes shunting
from side to side
inhabiting our memories
the light inhabiting our souls.

fling the bottle son, fling the bottle

The tape droned on
each crashing wave
smashing into me
taking me further from where I was
taking me to where I am
but leaving me confused.
the tape said
"your stress"
as though owned
as if mine
the tape said
"it into a bottle"
and fling the bottle into the ocean
watching as it drifts away.
Do I include a note
to send my stress away
"I will miss you."
"best in your journey’s"
"cya, but wouldn’t wanna be ya."
the waves crashing
my hand shaking
the bottle falling
and my stress
filling me again with
fear and doubt
if only
I had flung the bottle
flung it far beyond the sea
flung beyond space
and time
but instead
I dropped it.
stress shattering the glass
and perhaps
eventually me as well.

An architecture of time

I started using a personal computer in 1983. Steven Jobs promised us personal productivity and we’ve achieved that. I can sit on an airplane, watch the movies I want to watch. I can listen to the music I want to hear. I can take audio books and ebooks to read what I want to read.
What I find is I no longer have the time to enjoy these things. I find myself sitting on the plane working trying to catch up due to the travel issue (ie time lost to travel). My productivity has incresed over the years, but my time is slipping away from me.
So I think back to the original premise and promise of computing. Personal productivty enhancement, a device built to make us more productive.
Are we?
My initial thought that I will throw out is that in fact we are not more productive…