why does it feel quiet

Another thanksgiving down.
You see family, catch up and sadly breathe deeply before the Christmas rush.
The turkey, the stuffing, the potatoes all in small plastic graves buried in the refrigerator. I’ll probably throw them out in a couple of weeks, once the holiday cookies and fruitcakes start to fill the refrigerator.
What a funny time of year/concept.

The sound of meetings fill the room

The lights bear down
like huge weights
driving us further into our seats
holding us in place
as the sound of etheral thought
drifts around us
with no substance it lifts from
the table and rising into the air
swirls around our heads like
cigar smoke.
and the sound of puffing
lacking cigars
is still there
fish expanding to 10 times their size
until they fill the room
crushing the lights
and forcing the rest of us
to take refuge in the holding tanks
and heating vents
as we wonder
why am I here?
what will I gain
can I please go home
as the thoughts
swirl ever upward
taking the roof
and our hiding place
high into the sky
lacking an end to the noise
we leap
to our deaths.
but then better,
then sitting in a swirling fog lacking clarity.