Running again finally

After years of being told I couldn’t run by various doctors, my new doctor has allowed me to start running again. For the past 15 months I have been running between 2 and 4 times a week. I can’t believe how much I missed running. It’s a quiet that you cannot replace, a sense of relaxation and for me the utilmate stress relief.
The other part of the ten year gap in my running is the change in technology. I first started running in 1988. Back then we had tape players and AM/FM radio’s that we carried. I used to run with my best friend when we lived in the same city (another sign of aging). We used to drive our courses in the car to know how far we were running each day.
Now you have XM radio’s that are portable, and you can track your progress on your wrist with the exceptional Garmin devices. The garmin even includes software to track and manage your workouts.
Still, the joy of running is the solitude. The music may play in your ears, but the value is the separation from the world. I can’t believe that for 10 years I didn’t do that. I missed it more than I ever realized.
Happy holidays to everyone out there, working to get back into shape!