pieces to the puzzle I cannot find

Things change
the puzzle I’ve been working on
pieces on the floor
in the heating vent
the dishwasher
on the back porch
each unique
some growing wings,
flying off into the night
quiet small pieces
and I cannot find them.
I look, high and low but
they are
And I am left with questions
was S
once B
Did B fit S
or did they both break
shards falling to the ground
pieces lost forever.
I am confused.
My puzzle
more complex
more pieces
and a nagging doubt
two pieces
one piece
one answer?
I do not understand.
And my puzzle
now lost
resembles something I once knew.
I cannot see the edges
but the image carries a memory.
if only I could know.
if only I could see.
Was S once B.

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