On this, all hallows eve eve

My children are “a flutter” with anticipation for the day of beggars that arrives tomorrow. Personally, hence calling it the day of beggars, I prefer the Bill Cosby version. Children going door to door, condoned begging is probably not a good thing.

But Halloween is a unique holiday. As a parent I love Christmas. It’s more fun to give you kids gifts then it ever was to get them as a kid yourself. But Halloween, I don’t know, it just doesn’t sit right with me. Perhaps I am an old person now.

So this eve of the eve begging I am wondering if it isn’t time to end the tradition of Halloween. The great pumpkin has not come in my lifetime and I am pretty sure it never will.

Last time around

One more time into the Halloween breach.

We moved into our current house, 9 years ago on October 29th. It’s the longest I have lived in any one house in my entire life. 9 Halloweens in one place is amazing to me.

It seems funny to me that I even think about this. But i do. What interests the human mind has to be the greatest mystery of all.

Another place in the scrapbook

I’ve been all over the world over the years. But despite a couple of other opportunities I had never been to Hawaii. What a wonderful place the islands are. Warm weather, sunshine and some of the kindest people in the world.

I am sad that my five days here are ending. But I plan to return. Perhaps, like MCArthur next time I will wade ashore!