What are the artifacts they will find, of today?

Watching a show about King Tut and I was thinking, 2000 years from now, what will survive of our day? An Iphone? A windows PC? What will the people of the future find out about us, digging in the dirt.

I don’t know why it interests me, what the future will think of us. It intrigues me what the future will dig out of the ground and figure out about us. That we spent too many hours with technology devices? that we were obsessed with blogs and podcasts.

Or that we drove cars and flew in airplanes. Perhaps by then people will fly on their own. Perhaps we will clean up the world and they will look back at us as the dark ages, or the “dirty time.”

Will they dig down into our trash dumps? Will they measure the arctic ice and realize that it melted because of us? will earth itself become an archeological dig because we killed it?

It’s something to think about…


One thought on “What are the artifacts they will find, of today?

  1. When I was in school, one of my history teacher was talking about David Macaulay\’s Motel of the Mysteries, where they excavated a hotel in Vegas and concluded that people were really devout because they all had these little porcelain shrines in their rooms that they found all of these people kneeling in front of. I\’ve been fascinated with this question ever since.

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