Today, well maybe tomorrow, ok probably next week

I’ve been spending a lot of blog time on communication this week. The concept is simple, two people, four people or any number of people for that matter express thoughts, idea’s, concepts and even argue about a solution. This two way interchange becomes a conversation. This conversation leads to people talking about what‘s next. or trying to solve a problem. or brainstorming.

A conversation can be as simple as who will win March Madness or as complex as how do we solve world hunger. They can last seconds or years. They can be carried out in a manner that involves direct contact or like twitter they can be carried out over time indirectly.

From IM, email, twitter, Facebook, voicemail, telephone calls and in-person/web based meetings you interact with another person to produce a “conversation.”

But we often forget that conversation is an art not a science. That my 🙂 face here, doesn’t always show up in an in-person meeting. A joke told to 3 people when repeated may offend the 4th person. People use the phrase “you had to be there.”

It, communication is something that confuses most people most of the time. It is the thing that makes us human but it is the thing that fails us often.

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One thought on “Today, well maybe tomorrow, ok probably next week

  1. I think of communication as sort of a bandwidth continuum. Face to face is high bandwidth. Phone + video is lower, phone only even lower than that, then IM, then email. each reduction in bandwidth has some packet loss that results in misunderstandings. Sometimes things that couldn\’t be resolved in a 20 message mail thread can be worked out in a 5 minute meeting.HRH\’s boss has this theory that since thoughts are electrical impulses, they create a sort of EM field that people can sort of grow attuned to over time, and that\’s why married people get to a point over time where they finish each other\’s sentences (accurately) and have conversations that go, "Where do you want to eat?" "The Keg?" "That\’s weird, I was just thinking about that place. I haven\’t thought about it for like 2 years!" It only seemed far-fetched until I thought about my own experiences in this area…

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