Backups and other dirty habits people don’t tell you about

The poet Sandler Boggs once wrote “Poets who read their poems aloud, may have other nasty habits as well.” Well the nasty habit of backups just saved me more than 5 hours.

About a year ago when they first came out, I leaped onto the windows home server bandwagon. Here is a device, you can easily add storage to, will stream media to your Xbox and your smart phone/ppc device anywhere in your house (or outdoors). And, it backs up your home pc’s. Yesterday one of the kid’s machines had a hard drive issue. In the past I would have trotted out my CD’s and begun a reinstall. Got the machine back on the network and then done a reinstall of all the applications. With WHS, I simply put in the recovery disk and without supervision had a working PC in between 1-2 hours (ok I don’t know exactly how long, I came back after 2 hours and it was done – it could have been 5 minutes).

What would have taken me hours in the past was completed before anyone got home.

Thank you Windows Home Server team – your product is a life saver.


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