Do you know why?

My sons turn 11 in two days. As I think back over the last 11 years it’s been an amazing ride. We’ve gone out of the country. We’ve learned how to read. We’ve laughed, cried and over time have become a family.

I taught them to play Halo. Now they routinely kill me. If I am lucky I can get them with long range weapons, but for the most part they terminate me.

What a ride.

I am very proud of my boys. They are caring people who watch the world around them and are worried. And suddenly that bothers me, that world around me isn’t what I would like it to be for my children. It makes me sad sometimes to think that the world I saw when I was 11 is no longer possible. That carbon pollution and other issues will drive this planet to its knees while my children are alive. I will be long gone by 2040, but my children will be ushering their children into the second half of their life and the world will be a happy place if we don’t make changes now.

Our president speaks of a return to greatness. I postulate Mr.. President that it is not a return to greatness but for us to finally achieve the promise written on the base of the statue of liberty. That we are a nation able, willing and striving to change the world into a better place.

It is time. We can’t forget that we put much of this mess in place. If not us personally then our parents and their parents back for the 10,000 or so years we’ve ruled this planet. It is time for change.

We expect our children to be responsible yet we’ve failed our home. We have not been responsible. We have not acted in a way that shows we are aware of the world around us.

It time for a change.


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One thought on “Do you know why?

  1. HRH has recently gotten into watching "Apocalyptic" documentaries on History and Discovery. I used to sort of like to watch them in a "train wreck" sort of way, but now when they start hammering on the myriad of ways the world could come crashing to a halt in 2012, it fills me with sadness to think of Ivy only being 4. I\’ve opted out of watching those now. I\’d rather have hope and change than resignation.

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