Are you the “real” thing

Do people naturally listen to you? Not because you have a title, but because when you speak they award you with “relevance” and “value”?

We all know people like that, in certain area’s everything they say is critical and we listen to them. Why is that? Not all experts are truly experts. Some in fact are less an expert and more of a “pert.”

How does this “recognition” impact communication? Well the reason for the blog has to do with an old Internet concept. The concept of thread stopper. While I would like to say this is always a positive trait it is not. There is a negative side to the thread stopper, someone who injects so much negative energy that the thread dies.

But for the most part a thread stopped is someone who has the right answer, and the thread does not need to continue. This is the person above, who has the right answer, the right stuff.

I am naming the “real thing” for communication. The person who can end a thread, not from being negative but from the simple fact that they know and understand what they are talking about.

the new me 🙂


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