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Ramble 1:

The final four this year – back to normal it’s not all number 1 seeds. Was last year a fluke or a mistake.

Ramble 2:

I love Roy William’s – awesome coach. But I CANNOT ROOT FOR UNC. So, someone else please step up this year. The ESPN boys were dancing about the record tied (18 final fours – tied with U.C.L.A. – but UCL.A. has 10 titles , UNC only has 3 – not a fair comparison – 58% winning percentage versus 21%).

Ramble 3:

Who took away the last 11 years? I was talking to a dear friend Friday night whom I’ve known since before the boys were born. I reminded him that they were 11 today. He said “that’ just not possible.” Can I have a refund on my missing 11 years please?

Ramble 4:

Happy birthday boys!!!

Ramble 5:

I’ve decided to release nickname 2.0, as such am changing my /doc nickname to .doc. Hopefully this will greatly improve my blogs 🙂


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