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Do you have faith? According to recent polls the number of American’s professing faith is declining. In the times of DaVinci and Galileo I suspect science would have been blamed for the loss of faith. But I wonder now. I wonder if the questions of science have any impact on the structure and fabric of faith. Personally I believe in a great good that my savior represents. I am however a person who takes a scientific view on life.

Why is it harder to believe now then it was 10 years ago? To me it seems easier to believe now, I am older and there is something missing from where I was that my savior provides. Its a sense of purpose of being part of something greater than just me. Not me alone against the world, but humanity striving together in the service of god.

Personally I am not a radical Christian. I believe that god has many faces and many names. He or she appears to people as they need him or her. So Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Christians, Hindu’s etc are all worshipping a different face of the same god.

Thank you god for a chance to live up to your ideals.


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Random thoughts

Transitional Services: I’ve been writing and podcasting a lot about this lately. This concept came to me recently while thinking about the broader concept of migrations. A pain point for most organizations is the concept of migration. Transitional Services is a concept that layers the migration into an SaaS solution into the broader concept of making a migration simpler. Tons of postings on this so far: for my transitional services podcast. for my blog on the topic for a discussion forum on the topic (in the Next Big Thing section)

IU Basketball: I am really looking forward to year two of Coach Crean. I lost interest in the team while the previous two coaches didn’t live up to the ideal of Indiana University. We have a long storied tradition and I am glad to see it’s coming back!


Wrap up Friday

Http:// – walking through the concepts of transitional services for the new SaaS, cloud services world. – posting a podcast later today about transitional services. Of course you can always find Fred and Ed stories there as well.

Watched the movies Frost Nixon last night. What a great trip down memory lane. I have mixed feelings about that time. My grandfather was a huge fan of Richard Nixon and I of course listened to everything he said. However, personally I was heading down a more liberal path so at that time it was quite a personal turmoil for me.

Once he resigned everything changed and we never talked about him again. But for a time it was really difficult. My grandfather was one of the largest influences in my life – so I was glad it was over.

Watching the movie however, I was reminded of that. I was also reminded of the cultural change that occurred with the resignation of the president. John Kennedy left us with “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” The resignation of Richard Nixon left us with a feeling of “self is greater than unity.”

Perhaps much of the go-go 90’s came out of that one day, August 8, 1974 when America changed from a shining ideal to just another country with all the problems countries have.


Random thoughts

The Economy how do economies turn? It seems to me that economies are linear projectiles that move in one direction at a time. How do you bend a projectile?

Baseball, how is it the Cubs lost 8 in a row. I am not giving up in June (and trust me as a 40+ year cub fan there were years I gave up in April). But come on guys- losing 8 in a row?

Summer fun, why do we give kids summer vacation and adults work through? You understand how to have fun more when you are older – it just doesn’t seem fair to me.

For that matter – YEAR ROUND School, we don’t harvest the family farm anymore it’s time to move kids to a year round plan. The summer months were for farm maintenance in the old days. We need to move to a more modern 200 day school calendar with a two week mid-summer break. In the long run this would make it easier for everyone involved.


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Turning inward

  • From within you see
  • but without you cannot
  • the light that shines within
  • does not shine out
  • but shines even further in
  • we are the seekers
  • those who live with
  • the transition of change
  • but seek the stability of
  • a lighthouse
  • but it is
  • a warning
  • not
  • a friendly house
  • with welcome arms
  • and aroma filled kitchen
  • it is danger
  • it is within
  • it is what drives
  • it is
  • it
  • i


Why do three day weekends always put me a day behind?

Not quite sure how that works. Everyone gets a day off and yet when I come back to work I am a day behind?

It was a great weekend – got a lot of stuff done but as always with the three day weekend I am now behind.

Watched the Bob Dylan movie last night (I am not there). Interesting movie overall. Not sure that I understood all of the various sub plots but it was a good ride!


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Netflix – a review :-)

So, now I can stream Netflix instant movies to my PC, my Xbox 360 and of course I can get them from my mailbox. What an incredible services. What is left?

So far my wife and I have expanded our viewing of movies to pick up those quirky “indie’s” that normally only hit the art houses, and often skip Indianapolis Indiana. Now we can watch them, see what they are about and enjoy fun movies at home.

This weekend we’ve watched two movies The Deal (with William H. Macy – he has yet to do anything that wasn’t to die for) and Brooklyn Lobster. Both of these movies were interesting and yet were slight twists of what you would expect given the titles and topic matter.

Anyway – if you are movie buff and don’t want to end up owning 3000 DVD’s Netflix is the answer for you.

I rate their service a 5 out of 5.

I rate their selection a 5 out of 5.

I rate their instant selection a 4 out of 5 (some room to grow there.)

If you love movies – this is the service for you!!!!!


In honor, with honor to those who served

On this day when we remember those who died and gave something I would like to say thank you to those who gave up their freedom for a time so that I could keep my freedom. In a democracy it is critical that all realize freedom is a gift. It was first realized with the blood in Boston and other colonies but has gone on since then.

Every drop of blood spilled in Vietnam. Bosnia and Somalia. Each of you that serves represents a hero. You are the reason we are free. And I thank you for that.

We are a free nation because of those who served and died.

We are a free nation because of those who served and returned injured.

We are a free nation because of those who served and returned.

Thanks, I am writing this because of you.


The split brain experiment

So for the past few months I have been experimenting with two blogs one ( for serious architect and job related stuff that comes to mind at times. I’ve added an internal at MS podcast and an external podcast as well ( I’ve found clarity in having these two blogs. I can focus on the serious stuff on one, and the other I can do what comes to mind. I write poems, post random thoughts and tirades about customer service here.

For awhile now I’ve been thinking about that. Why is it that my mind is so easily distracted or so easily compartmentalized into two separate functions.

I suspect it is because for a long time I have separated my life like that. The only person who really spans both of these (all the time) is my wife. The rest of my world (with a few exceptions) live clearly on one side or the other.

That comes from teaching – where I needed to lock off the random thoughts in my head and present information to the students in a linear fashion as laid out in the curriculum.

But the reality is it’s just easier for me to approach the world that way. Like the line from Simon and Garfunkel “I am a rock and a rock feels no pain.” If you are hitting something that is only part of who I am – I can shut that off easily.

I have learned that no matter when the dancing bears start with their flames of colors they don’t listen. They probably don’t listen when they aren’t dancing but for sure once the unicycles come out and the colors fly they no longer care about the feelings, thoughts and ideas of others. In the world of split brains it is a simple jump to the other side that protects you from the bears.

So I wander my path, selected for it’s scenic beauty and no I am not an Island. I am not alone.


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Wrap up Friday

Follows random thought Thursday 🙂


1. New Fred and Ed story posted on my podcast. Http://

2. Wrap blog posted on my other blog as well

Friday’s are often conference call days for me so in the AM i try to prep for 8 plus hours on the phone. It sounds easy to do – but your ears start to hurt. By about 4 hours you start to wander a little so you have to stay diligent and focused.

The Indy 500 is this Sunday so I will make my usual escape from Indy and head somewhere else. Anywhere else in fact – when a town of 1,000,000 people adds 20% or more people for a three day weekend it makes everything a mess! If you are not going to the race – its best to get out of dodge.

Wrapping up the week with a smile as they say. Have a great weekend – and remember why we call it memorial day.