Random thoughts

The Economy how do economies turn? It seems to me that economies are linear projectiles that move in one direction at a time. How do you bend a projectile?

Baseball, how is it the Cubs lost 8 in a row. I am not giving up in June (and trust me as a 40+ year cub fan there were years I gave up in April). But come on guys- losing 8 in a row?

Summer fun, why do we give kids summer vacation and adults work through? You understand how to have fun more when you are older – it just doesn’t seem fair to me.

For that matter – YEAR ROUND School, we don’t harvest the family farm anymore it’s time to move kids to a year round plan. The summer months were for farm maintenance in the old days. We need to move to a more modern 200 day school calendar with a two week mid-summer break. In the long run this would make it easier for everyone involved.


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