faith and science

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Do you have faith? According to recent polls the number of American’s professing faith is declining. In the times of DaVinci and Galileo I suspect science would have been blamed for the loss of faith. But I wonder now. I wonder if the questions of science have any impact on the structure and fabric of faith. Personally I believe in a great good that my savior represents. I am however a person who takes a scientific view on life.

Why is it harder to believe now then it was 10 years ago? To me it seems easier to believe now, I am older and there is something missing from where I was that my savior provides. Its a sense of purpose of being part of something greater than just me. Not me alone against the world, but humanity striving together in the service of god.

Personally I am not a radical Christian. I believe that god has many faces and many names. He or she appears to people as they need him or her. So Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Christians, Hindu’s etc are all worshipping a different face of the same god.

Thank you god for a chance to live up to your ideals.


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