Blue Herons, Beavers and other marvels of engineering

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Out on my wordpress blog I talked a bit about the architecture of trees. If you think about it there are many things in nature that are architected with solutions in mind that probably have evolved from the original design. that evolution of design is such a critical conjunction of engineer and architect.

As I talked about trees are architected in violation of the rules we follow (although buildings are larger than trees, other than CA Redwoods).

Anyway – it amazes me. I watch the blue heron on our pond and wonder. What a graceful and amazing creature. The beavers that lived in our pond 3 years ago took out all the trees on one end of the pond but were still amazing.

The occasional water snake and mower incident not withstanding – nature is amazing. (although why would you convince a 3 foot water snake that they could take on anything – including a mower? I’ve run over three of them in the past two years.)


Vision Quest

Where else can I find Scott?

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Today I am wandering around the desert seeking a quiet meaning for what I am looking for. It seems to me that as an adult at times I have wandered far from my original Vision Quest (that was my old Xbox Live ID – VQ) which is a normal thing.

When I was 18 I was going to be a writer. Except my grandfather pointed out I should have a fallback position. So I went to college to get a degree. I had 4 or 5 different majors before I decided that the best career for me would be education. I debated high school and middle school for about an hour before I realized my educational calling was younger children.

As my college career wound down I received a lot of job offers for various schools. One principal I interviewed with told me it was a risk for him to offer me a job. I asked him why, he said I wasn’t long for education. I hadn’t told him of my personal plan to only teach 10 years. But that sealed the deal for me.

Seven years later I met a wonderful woman – we moved to Cincinnati and I moved from education to computer training and then helpdesk.

But my original quest was to be a writer. I’ve had three distinct computer careers (Helpdesk, computer sales and architect/consultant). I’ve had two distinct educational careers (pre-school and elementary school.

I’ve written an published stuff along the way – this blog as well as numerous poems, short stories, school textbook chapters, a novel and a large number of professional publications. But am I a writer? No. I have moved from my original vision quest to a new one.

As I said – wandering around the desert seeking the meaning of what i seek.


Ethics in our modern world

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I have been thinking about the financial crisis we are in as a nation right now (as well as the broader world wide problem,). I stack this up against the looming crisis that is global warming and I wonder about the why of this problem.

I once went to a class where they talked about the concept that why, drives what and how. How you do something and what you use to do it is driven by why you do it.

I worry that the ethics of the world around us are what is driving the problem we are experiencing. That the fact that people are willing to cut corners (global warming and banking) may result in a collapse of the world around us.

Global Warming takes our planet to the edge of its resources.

The financial crisis will take humanity to the edge of its resources. we have so many huge problems in the world (starvation and violence) to work through that these two huge distractions may cause us to blink.

Did our ethics bring us to this point? We do to each other (genocide) what we are doing to our planet (global warming). Our ethics are questionable at times. But if you look at the history of our world, that is often the case.

The writers I read in my youth railed against a world that sought answers through muscle rather than thinking about the long term impact of problems. Asimov, Heinlein, Bova, Orson Scott Card and others brought to us story after story of a world imploding from it’s own lack of ethics.

Christ came to us and said “change” and we did not listen.

Buddha came to us and said “change” and we did not listen.

Mohamed came to us and said “change” and we did not listen.

In our arrogance how many times do we believe the call will come?


Wrap up Saturday (and a few random thoughts) – still driving through communication and transitional services. – transitional services, society of dead architects and “Fred and Ed” stories. – home of the Society of Dead Architects

No bat – 5 straight days. Now I worry about the why of the great bat migration. Is there something in the world around us that is causing bats to seek egress to the great indoors? There is a fungus/infection that is killing Indiana bats, but I wonder if the climactic shift is also having an impact.

Random Thought: Global Warming. When people suddenly realize that in fact global warming is real will it be to late? I once heard someone say “scientists just want to make money.” I am still trying to figure out how you can make money on telling people about global warming. The reality is we are killing our fragile island home.

Technology isn’t the global warming problem: If we are going to solve global warming it will be through and with technology not because technology caused the problem. CO2 is a human problem that began with the industrial revolution.

Can religion and innovation live together? I worry about religion a bit at times. The rejection of now for the acceptance of what was is certainly part of the appeal, but it is also the essence of protectionism. You cannot hide from what is in front of you without risking the world passing you by.

It’s a good Saturday!


To Mr.. Jackson


An icon of my childhood, adult years and parenting years is gone. I watched the Jackson 5 cartoon on Sunday’s as a child.

I listened (and tried to dance along with) to Thriller.

It makes me sad that a piece of my childhood is gone forever. We grow up with visions of what the world will look and sound like. Michael Jackson was part of the soundtrack of the world I lived in. His voice, songs and impact will never be forgotten.

Michael I didn’t know you, but I loved your music. I hope now that you have risen in the hands of our lord that you find the peace you sought in our world.



The great bat crisis of 2009 is over

We’ve been bat free now for 4 full days. Wonderful – but I worry about the impact our world is having on the world around us.

Are we in fact having a lasting, permanent impact on the world around us?

I am a technologist – I believe firmly in finding ways to solve problems with technology where possible. But lately I am beginning to see the value of being green. I am eyeing wind power generators and wondering if I could reduce my carbon impact even more.

We are thinking about trading one of the cars in for a green car. We are even cutting down on the impact we have where ever possible. We recycle – we avoid using plastic bags for groceries (when we don’t forget the cloth bags)

But is it enough? 12 bat entered our house for a reason. 1 bat is a mistake. 2 bats is simply two mistakes. 8, 10 bats entering your house, that is a conscious effort. The house was safer then where they were.

The impact of man on his environment is huge. Are we killing our fragile island home?


Surge protectors and failure

so I am traveling earlier this week and my entire network went down. I had my wife troubleshoot the usual suspects and nothing worked (over the phone).

When I got home I realized a single surge protector had done me in. How is it that one small piece of electronics can do your entire network in?

I guess the old adage – it is the smallest piece that breaks the biggest!


The path less traveled

In the movie Harry met Sally there are “vignettes” where they share the romantic stories of people and how they met and fell in love.

I first met my wife when I was a freshman in High School. I was an annoying freshman – she was wearing a white rabbit suit on April’s fools day. Needless to say we didn’t hit it off. Luckily for me she didn’t remember this happened until after she asked me to marry her.

In fact we didn’t meet again until I was a junior in College. She worked at a local restaurant – and many people came to the restaurant just to have her wait on them – she was phenomenal. A friend of mine thought she and I would hit it off. Well we didn’t.

The next time (and the last time) we met was when she placed her daughter in the class of a school i had worked at previously. She volunteered to help at the yard/garage sale held to raise money for the school. She was working with my best friend and asked him “do you know any good guys?” He said “No, but there is my roommate Scott.” Thanks Sean.

We were engaged within 8 days. I wrote a long long wedding letter to read to her. She asked me to marry her in the car on the way to the place I was going to ask her to marry me – that is fate.

We were married within 10 months.

It’s been over 19 years that we have been together.

Thanks for everything Barbara.


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Bat Free

The great bat crisis of 2009 is nearly over. No bats in the house last night.

Cubs have won four games in a row – so the week is starting off well!@ If they can keep it up!!!!

Yesterday one of my boys (on father’s day) caught his first fish off the boat. It was a large mouth bass – quite beautiful. I can’t describe the joy I felt as he reached down to the lake and let the fish go.

It was one of those moments where you feel like being a dad is the greatest job on earth. Amazing father’s day present!!!


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the bat days of summer

Ok, three days, three blogs devoted to bat’s doing a B/E in my house. Today hopefully will be our first bat free evening!

Last night the wife and daughter were both huddled under the blankets – I had gone to my own cave to hang upside down for 8 or so hours.

After the screaming was done I was told – “just come out here and we will deal with the problem.” Instead, I came out, dealt with the bat and the wife and daughter remained the unwashed huddled masses under the blanket. Ok, so barb (the wife) says in fact she got up. However to be fair, getting up, screaming and hiding under the blanket for a second time is the same as hiding under the blanket the entire time (daughter).

Hopefully yesterday I sealed the hole so there should be no more in the saga de bat.