The great bat crisis of 2009 is over

We’ve been bat free now for 4 full days. Wonderful – but I worry about the impact our world is having on the world around us.

Are we in fact having a lasting, permanent impact on the world around us?

I am a technologist – I believe firmly in finding ways to solve problems with technology where possible. But lately I am beginning to see the value of being green. I am eyeing wind power generators and wondering if I could reduce my carbon impact even more.

We are thinking about trading one of the cars in for a green car. We are even cutting down on the impact we have where ever possible. We recycle – we avoid using plastic bags for groceries (when we don’t forget the cloth bags)

But is it enough? 12 bat entered our house for a reason. 1 bat is a mistake. 2 bats is simply two mistakes. 8, 10 bats entering your house, that is a conscious effort. The house was safer then where they were.

The impact of man on his environment is huge. Are we killing our fragile island home?


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