Wrap up Saturday (and a few random thoughts)

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http://www.architect-center.com – home of the Society of Dead Architects

No bat – 5 straight days. Now I worry about the why of the great bat migration. Is there something in the world around us that is causing bats to seek egress to the great indoors? There is a fungus/infection that is killing Indiana bats, but I wonder if the climactic shift is also having an impact.

Random Thought: Global Warming. When people suddenly realize that in fact global warming is real will it be to late? I once heard someone say “scientists just want to make money.” I am still trying to figure out how you can make money on telling people about global warming. The reality is we are killing our fragile island home.

Technology isn’t the global warming problem: If we are going to solve global warming it will be through and with technology not because technology caused the problem. CO2 is a human problem that began with the industrial revolution.

Can religion and innovation live together? I worry about religion a bit at times. The rejection of now for the acceptance of what was is certainly part of the appeal, but it is also the essence of protectionism. You cannot hide from what is in front of you without risking the world passing you by.

It’s a good Saturday!


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