Vision Quest

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Today I am wandering around the desert seeking a quiet meaning for what I am looking for. It seems to me that as an adult at times I have wandered far from my original Vision Quest (that was my old Xbox Live ID – VQ) which is a normal thing.

When I was 18 I was going to be a writer. Except my grandfather pointed out I should have a fallback position. So I went to college to get a degree. I had 4 or 5 different majors before I decided that the best career for me would be education. I debated high school and middle school for about an hour before I realized my educational calling was younger children.

As my college career wound down I received a lot of job offers for various schools. One principal I interviewed with told me it was a risk for him to offer me a job. I asked him why, he said I wasn’t long for education. I hadn’t told him of my personal plan to only teach 10 years. But that sealed the deal for me.

Seven years later I met a wonderful woman – we moved to Cincinnati and I moved from education to computer training and then helpdesk.

But my original quest was to be a writer. I’ve had three distinct computer careers (Helpdesk, computer sales and architect/consultant). I’ve had two distinct educational careers (pre-school and elementary school.

I’ve written an published stuff along the way – this blog as well as numerous poems, short stories, school textbook chapters, a novel and a large number of professional publications. But am I a writer? No. I have moved from my original vision quest to a new one.

As I said – wandering around the desert seeking the meaning of what i seek.


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