Blue Herons, Beavers and other marvels of engineering

Where else can I find Scott?

Out on my wordpress blog I talked a bit about the architecture of trees. If you think about it there are many things in nature that are architected with solutions in mind that probably have evolved from the original design. that evolution of design is such a critical conjunction of engineer and architect.

As I talked about trees are architected in violation of the rules we follow (although buildings are larger than trees, other than CA Redwoods).

Anyway – it amazes me. I watch the blue heron on our pond and wonder. What a graceful and amazing creature. The beavers that lived in our pond 3 years ago took out all the trees on one end of the pond but were still amazing.

The occasional water snake and mower incident not withstanding – nature is amazing. (although why would you convince a 3 foot water snake that they could take on anything – including a mower? I’ve run over three of them in the past two years.)


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