Who drank the last cup o Joe?

For the past ten years Coffee has either been (good for you) or (bad for you). While confusing over that period I suspect that in fact someone will find that coffee is ultimately bad for you. At that point there will be a last cup of Joe consumed and then as a nation we will shut off our coffee pots and move to the next big thing.

What is that next big thing? Why are we, like lemmings, always seeking the next thing? Keeping up with the Joneses they used to call it – never letting the other guy get to far ahead. But I think we have forgotten the value proposition of what the world around us brings.

It’s not about the next big thing.

It is about changing the world around us and making the world a better place. Embracing technology to do things that frees human beings from drudgery is a great thing. Not washing dishes by hand is a technology innovation. Not going to the river to do your laundry is a good thing.

Technologies are a healing, growing valuable resource to make our lives better.

So hug your coffee pot.

Buy your washer and dryer a card. What once was world of drudgery is a little less so (automated robots that sweep your floor every night a 2 am are great. Now how about a robot that follows my kids around and picks up after them)?


In Memory of Leslie Otto Ralstin

I do not often combine my two blogs with one entry. But honestly I don’t lose someone like my Father-in-law every day. He passed last evening. The world lost a great smile.

He served in world war two as a signal man on an LZ. He worked for Indiana Bell/AT&T/Ameritech for over 40 years. He played golf and read books to his grandchildren.

The story that means the most to me about him is the story of playing golf in Arkansas one sunny afternoon. We were playing with two of his friends and he was winning the game by a good 10 or 15 strokes. We all came to the 15th or 17th hole I don’t remember which one actually. It was a recreation of the famous 17th at Doral so I suspect it was the 17th hole. The first three of us in the foursome hit the ball into the water. We were giving my father-in-law grief that he would hit the water as well.

He hit the ball right into the water as we projected. However he actually hit the underwater concrete drain for the bond (about 2 inches underwater). His ball bounced off the water and onto the green where he birded the hole. But right after the shot he turned to all of us, we all said “lucky shot.” He said “that was skill boys,” I’ve been laughing about that with him for 18 years. Now I am laughing alone but I am still laughing.

He had a wonderful sense of humor, and was an incredibly playful human being. Its sad for me, I lost my father’s father when I was eleven. Now my sons are 11 and they are losing their grandfather as well.

To Leslie Ralstin, may god hold you in the palm of his hand.


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So far in Seattle

Out for a technical conference during the hottest week of the year in Seattle.

1. Went to a restaurant that had fantastic food but no AC Sunday night – literally felt like we were in the oven.

2, Went to a second restaurant Monday night – also AC issues and frankly it was nearly as hot as the first restaurant.

Missed the sea fair parade on Sunday. But saw it afterwards on the news very nice.

So I hope after tomorrow it gets cooler here.


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Sea Fair and Seattle

I have been to Seattle two different times during the Sea Fair festival. You don’t realize how much something like this impacts a mid to large size city.

Living in Indianapolis (which has a huge event twice a year or more) you realize the impact to the cities services that an event with that many people has.

The Seattle police department and department of public works did a really good job making sure everything was smooth.

Now the question is – who has to pick up all the trash (you seldom see trash on the streets in Seattle).


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Sunshine in Seattle

So, sleepless (been there) in Seattle not so much. But this morning I woke up to something I’ve not seen very often in Seattle – a pure blue sky. Of course it kind of figures that anytime there is great weather and I am in Seattle, I am in an all day meeting.

Who knows.

Maybe I should come the day before all day meetings to catch the sunshine. But when I have tried that its just rained more.

Maybe the rain follows me around.



Wrapping up Friday

Can I find Scott on the web in more places (for some folks perhaps finding me less)

Random Thought: Is greatness a measure or an accident?

Random Thought: 18 perfect games in Major league history – what an amazing feat that is.

Random Thought: I wonder why it takes me forever to pack when I am leaving, but less than 10 minutes to unpack when I get home?

Couple of travel questions:

How many people carry a portable printer, just in case?

How many people carry more than one camera?

How many people carry more than one external hard drive when they travel?

What is the most your bags have ever weighed when you checked in at the airport?

What is the least your bags have ever weighed?

Are you a check in baggage (let the airline do the work but lose 15 minutes when you arrive)

Or are you a carry on (but then you have to board the plane early)…


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Time is the step child of reality

I run out of time now.

it’s funny because I didn’t used to run out of time but I do now. Now I am late to more things then I used to be.

I used to be 10-15 minutes early for everything. You know the guy, sitting in the car waiting for the actual time the party was supposed to start – that was me.

Now I fall back to something I learned a long time ago – when you start out late, you get there late.

And I am always starting out late.

Its part of being a parent, part of getting old and part frankly of having way to much to do at any one time.

Like this rushed blog – right before I leave for a customer.


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