Bringing all the pieces together

Life is a series of moving pieces, that we often lose track of. Not because they aren’t important, there are just so many moving pieces as you get older. When I was a child, the only moving piece i really had was school. My parents were pretty much the same regardless of the scenario and school was the only variable. Now I have more variables than hands and frequently find myself letting one of the pieces slide away from me due to expedience.

It is a long road we run, a marathon of choice and fancy. There are no short cuts and I have come to believe your job as an adult is to put all the pieces together. Only then will you see the full picture that lies in front of you, only then will you know.

But some of the pieces are greased – they slip away from me time after time. Why is that? Why is it that I cannot manage the pieces of my life all at once?


What do you really mean?

Do actions really speak louder than words?

Yesterday was one of those rush around and try to get things done days. The kind of day where when you finally sit down at the end of the day – you realize that you are exhausted.

It was a good day – but long.

Today we are celebrating the life of a church member who has passed. He was a very special man that welcomed everyone to the church with a smile and a happy word. It will be sad that he isn’t there anymore on Sunday’s.

Its getting near the end of the boating season so we are getting down to the last few trips down to the lake. Fall is coming –

But of course fall means football 🙂 Which is my favorite fall activity – watching football on TV. Oh, yeah and making a big batch of salsa and then watching the game 🙂


Wrap up Saturday

First off, of course you can always find me at which is my more serious blog focused on architects and architectures. My podcast is at where you can find fun stuff like Fred and Ed stories as well as architect podcasts.

For the past two years I have been working as the Chairman of the IASA ATC. The ATC is focused on training and building training for Architects based on the taxonomy developed by IASA. After a two year odyssey we have released a large amount of training for architects. We are finalizing our foundation courses and will be releasing those very soon as well.

The Foundation courses are designed for professionals who wish to become architects. The remaining classes we have are devoted to helping architects continue to develop, refine and improve their skills. Its a heady time for our group at IASA. Please check out our offerings at you won’t regret it!!!

finally college football is nearly here, as is pro football. I love watching football games. Although I have to say I am nervous this year. I am not sure Indiana will be competitive. I see the components of competition on the team, but I am a little concerned that overall we just don’t have the size and speed to play in the big ten.



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A completely random expression



Why me? Why now? Why am I? This blog is a expression of my creative side. The things that rattle around inside my head that have no other Avenue to escape. I do not wish to be perceived as crazy, but I do know what love is.

Mostly today I don’t really have anything to write about, so I am rambling this stream of conscious Virginia Wolfe style literary expression of nothing.

A tale, from an idiot as it were.

It is the quiet before the storm.


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I tripped yesterday on the path less traveled

And frankly contrary to what I have been told I was not all the better for it. My knee hurts this morning because I fell to the hard ground. My ego is hurt, because well I tripped. How many years have I been walking? more than 10, and I still trip and fall.

It is a random world inside my head. I find myself wondering what will come out next. My wife at times wonders why I even open my mouth and often worries about what will come out next. It is a world of crazy and lost thoughts.

So today’s lost thought has to do with the movie Vision Quest. It was the story of a young man seeking his egress into the adult world, trying to put together all the pieces that comprise a teenagers life with that of an adult. Merging to create the perfect person. It was and is the vision quest most of us seek and strive to drive to…

What is your vision quest?


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The blank page before you

What light through yonder window breaks – its a blank page of paper and I’ve nothing to write. It happens from time to time, the brilliance (or in my case mud) that leaps from your fingers to fill the page stops. It isn’t often a fire hose, it is more often a trickle. Something that triggers a response, like a line from Dylan Thomas, or Faulkner. But today it is simply writing down the fact that there is nothing there.

Perhaps I should pontificate about the excellence of white space or the need in the world for blank paper. The very things that a writer would argue sitting in front of page 1 of a novel, for a 200th day waiting for the torrent to start.

But I can’t. Instead I am just going to stop here and forget today even started.


Do you, can you, will you?

It seems to me that change is a tiny step when part of a larger whole. Yet it seems so hard for people to make changes. For example I heard yesterday during a sermon that the world had plenty of food. But the fact that in many cases governments prohibit the distribution of that food wasn’t mentioned. In order to promote change you have to show both sides of the solution and both sides of the problem. The reality is that people need to have information to make up their minds.

Do you? Do you care if you know enough to make a good decision? Of course! we all do. The issue is that if you take on an informer role, you need to inform. Share both sides of the problem and the solution and let us decide to follow.


Protecting ideas…

  1. Lighter than air…
  2. Available to everyone…
  3. Quality doesn’t matter, they are a part of you…
  4. Idea’s are infinite and finite at the same time.

An idea is like a butterfly, floating above the concepts that float in our brains. An idea is free, but of course you have to protect them.


Why do we have to protect ideas (copyright, patent) from other people? The creation of an idea is a unique human and personal experience. Does it matter is another person is able to leverage an idea and run with it?

It does matter. The reason it matters is that people use ideas without crediting the person who created the original thought (see my blog on threads here is wrong. IP/IC is the embodiment of someone’s collected knowledge, thoughts and contemplations. As such there is a unique signature to an idea. I am sure someday we will be able to simply pull an idea, and resolve from that a fingerprint thus forever solving the issues of ownership.

For now however idea’s are not free and need to be protected.

But not forever 🙂


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Engage, disengage, evolve

What do you do when your life returns a 404 error (page not found). If our lives are websites what do we do when reviewing our life we find that there are a series of 404 errors.

  • Do you ask the question then did you lead a purpose filled life?
  • Do you wonder what you missed?
  • Or do you assume that the 404’s are simply lifes way of removing clutter?

Its a question that begs an answer with no answer forthcoming. Its a question that means something was missed either in data storage (memory) or data retrieval (using the memory). Or worse it is a question that shows the emptiness, the things that were not tried, the dares that were not taken.

Over the years I’ve lost friends to a variety of things. From car crashes to cancer life has taken friends from my “friendverse” and often leaves 404’s behind for those people that are now gone. I remember them fondly and recall the large moments we shared but over time the smaller moments become 404 errors.

Not that I am trying to forget, there are just new memories that fill the pages and leave the old ones behind.  So the 404 errors become “ghosts in the machine” things that I review and wonder, what was there. Which brings me full circle to my title for the blog – engage meeting people and living your purposeful life. Disengage when people leave your life for what-ever reason (distance, time, or sadly death) and finally evolve those memories into permanent fixtures so that they never present you with 404 errors.