I tripped yesterday on the path less traveled

And frankly contrary to what I have been told I was not all the better for it. My knee hurts this morning because I fell to the hard ground. My ego is hurt, because well I tripped. How many years have I been walking? more than 10, and I still trip and fall.

It is a random world inside my head. I find myself wondering what will come out next. My wife at times wonders why I even open my mouth and often worries about what will come out next. It is a world of crazy and lost thoughts.

So today’s lost thought has to do with the movie Vision Quest. It was the story of a young man seeking his egress into the adult world, trying to put together all the pieces that comprise a teenagers life with that of an adult. Merging to create the perfect person. It was and is the vision quest most of us seek and strive to drive to…

What is your vision quest?


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