Wrap up Saturday

First off, of course you can always find me at http://docandersen.wordpress.com which is my more serious blog focused on architects and architectures. My podcast is at http://docandersen.podbean.com where you can find fun stuff like Fred and Ed stories as well as architect podcasts.

For the past two years I have been working as the Chairman of the IASA ATC. The ATC is focused on training and building training for Architects based on the taxonomy developed by IASA. After a two year odyssey we have released a large amount of training for architects. We are finalizing our foundation courses and will be releasing those very soon as well.

The Foundation courses are designed for professionals who wish to become architects. The remaining classes we have are devoted to helping architects continue to develop, refine and improve their skills. Its a heady time for our group at IASA. Please check out our offerings at http://www.iasahome.org you won’t regret it!!!

finally college football is nearly here, as is pro football. I love watching football games. Although I have to say I am nervous this year. I am not sure Indiana will be competitive. I see the components of competition on the team, but I am a little concerned that overall we just don’t have the size and speed to play in the big ten.



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